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Transforming lives through innovative brain-based wellness

Welcome to Centered by Dr. Molly Brown, where we resolve the most challenging health conditions by customizing care with cutting edge brain-based therapies that address the mind, body connection and regenerate cellular function. Our unique therapies go beyond traditional care, providing deep healing and lasting results.

Experience the power of brain-based therapy for deeper healing

Mind-Body Coherence

At Centered by Dr. Molly Brown, we offer brain-based therapies that go beyond traditional care, providing our patients with unique benefits.  We focus on cellular regeneration to restore function and establish health in the body.

Experience Lasting Relief

Say goodbye to temporary fixes. We provide long-term solutions for your health, supporting the resolution of the most challenging and chronic conditions

Unlock Full Potential

Tap into your brain's natural abilities, leading to transformative results, physically and mentally.

Enhance Overall Well Being

We promote cognitive efficiency allowing you to achieve clarity and balance. 


Meet Dr. Molly Brown

Dr. Molly Brown, pHD, DNM, is the founder of CENTERED, the immersive wellness clinic in Sun Valley, ID. She has relentlessly sought out the top neurologically based methods for reproducible, efficient results for the most difficult and complicated cases including auto-immune, traumatic brain injury, anxiety, depression, pain, sports injury, peak performance and more. Her methods create coherence in neurological, emotional, physical, cellular, hormonal, and spiritual health.


A Neurologically-Based Natural Medicine Clinic in Sun Valley, Idaho

Centered by Dr. Molly Brown is a  transformative destination and wellness clinic based within the mountain town of Sun Valley, Idaho. Our approach is focused on cellular regeneration, helping to restore function and reclaim your life and live in a joyful, connected, high-energy state— pain-free.  Specializing in providing resolution to chronic and complicated conditions, Dr. Molly Brown uses a unique combination of therapies to improve mental health, maintain a fluid and resilient nervous system under stress, and optimize  your overall well-being.


Restore hope and health where it's been lost. Explore the transformative and immersive clinic in Sun Valley, Idaho