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At Centered, we believe to have a healthy body you must have a healthy mind. Specializing in brain-based wellness therapies, we restore vitality and address chronic conditions through natural, non-prescriptive, methods for true mind-body coherence.

Located in heart of Sun Valley, ID

Centered by Dr. Molly Brown is a neurologically-based and holistic wellness clinic based within the mountain town of Sun Valley, Idaho. Dr. Molly Brown and her team of practitioners help patients achieve optimal health, personal transformation, and increased consciousness for limitless human potential.

291 1st Ave N
Ketchum, ID

Unique Modalities

Specializing in providing resolution to chronic and complicated conditions Dr. Molly Brown uses a unique and proprietary combination of modalities.

Experience Lasting Relief

We improve mental health, maintain a fluid and resilient nervous system under stress, and optimize your overall well-being.

Unlock Your Full Potential

Our brain-based therapies help you tap into your brain's natural abilities, leading to transformative results.

Meet Our Team

A roster of holistic practitioners with deep knowledge and experience in neurotherapy and bodywork.

Dr. Molly Brown

Founder, PHD, DNM

Experienced holistic practitioner with over 20+ years of experience developing unique and proprietary brain-based wellness modalities and combined therapies.

Tilden Sokoloff


Tilden is a traditionally trained doctor leveraging integrated medicine and naturopathic skills to restore and rebalance conditions that affect women health issues and concerns.

Emma Jensen

Emma Jensen is an IIN Certified Health Coach specializing in multidimensional health, wellness, and neurotherapy.

Megan Guthmiller

Megan Guthmiller is an certified trainer specializing in AMIT and neuro-muscular regeneration, stabilization, and strength. 

Christina Walecka

Masters in Clinical Psychology, Christina uses an integrated approach to cultivate therapeutic and compassionate relationships with her clients. She implements innovative strategies to transform habitual patterns of problematic thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.  

Restoring Hope and Health

Discover a Deeper Way to Heal

Experience the power of brain-based therapies and start your journey towards optimal health today