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Dr. Molly Brown

Dr. Molly Brown, pHD, DNM, is the founder of CENTERED, the immersive wellness clinic in Sun Valley, ID. She has relentlessly sought out the top neurologically based methods for reproducible, efficient results for the most difficult and complicated cases including auto-immune, traumatic brain injury, anxiety, depression, pain, sports injury and more. Her methods create coherence in neurological, emotional, physical, cellular, hormonal, and spiritual health. Dr. Molly Brown is at the forefront of neurologically based, natural medicine, passionately holding space for limitless healing.

Early Years

In her early years, Molly studied with Dr. Gabriel Cousens, MD, a world-renowned psychiatrist with a focus on spirituality, diet, and lifestyle changes over psychotropic medications. Dr. Cousens’s nutrition program included fasting, detoxification, spiritual nutrition, the ancient systems of medicine, including Ayurveda and Chinese medicine, plant-based nutrition, detoxification, fasting, and complete transformation through cellular and spiritual inspiration and regeneration.

From there, Molly went on to study natural, neurologically-based techniques and methods with some of the most brilliant minds after earning a doctorate in natural medicine. Molly steadfastly incorporated results-oriented methods into her practice in a completely innovative and unique blend of methods and technology for cellular and mitochondrial regeneration.

Glow Retreat

Sun Valley is a place where many feel connected to nature on a soul level.

Focus and Flow

Being in the FLOW, or "IN THE ZONE", is fluid, a state of optimal wellness, concentration, and immersion.

Center's Approach to Holiday Wellness

Dr. Molly Brown offers healthy living practices for the holiday season.

Discover a deeper way to heal

Experience the power of brain-based therapies and start your journey towards optimal health today.