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Our Approach

We cultivate consciousness around the emotional and physical impact of stress and trauma, both past and present, to deliver personal transformation.

We address the subconscious mind to achieve a healthy and conscious body.

Cognitive neuroscientists suggest that only 5-10% of our cognitive activity is consciously perceived. Much of our decisions, actions, emotions, and behavior are influenced by unconscious brain activity. We evaluate a person's neurology through EEG and tests, identifying unbalanced brain wave patterns and understanding responses to stress and trauma triggers. Our aim is to reset the nervous system and enhance the brain's response to emotional triggers, promoting reduced stress and improved cognitive performance.

Increase Cognitive Performance to Unlock Limitless Potential

Through neurologically-based health and wellness, our mission is to catalyze personal transformation by cultivating healthy, empowered and optimistic individuals.  We support individuals to thrive and live with self belief, certainty and confidence in an optimized state. We equip them with the tools to custom design a life of limitless potential through nutritional guidance and detoxification.

Experience Transformation

Cellular Regeneration

We’re exposed to an increasing amount of daily toxins now more than ever. We need to recharge our cells with energy, oxygen, and nutrition to achieve a healthy state.


A nurturing and guided approach to detoxification, involves incorporating high-vibrancy foods, supplements, and herbs as non-prescriptive medicine.

Pain Resolution

Using Advanced Muscle Integration Technique and a combination of other custom therapies, we engage muscles that have been inhibited, seeing immediate and efficient results.

Chronic And Complicated Conditions

Using neurologically-based modalities, we treat acute and chronic conditions focusing on the root cause to deliver life-long results.

Peak Performance

Unlock limitless potential by increasing cognitive and physical performance through guided and customized protocols.

Emotional & Mental Clarity

Clear negative patterns and limiting beliefs to thrive with certainty and confidence.

Pioneering lasting health through custom brain-based and neuro-regenerative therapies

We believe that true healing encompasses more than just alleviating physical ailments; it involves nurturing the unique balance that defines each individual's well-being. Each therapy is customized to the client to deliver life-changing results.

Advanced Muscle Integration Technique

For pain, injury, trauma, and sports performance, our go to method is AMIT, Advance Muscle Integration Technique. By instantly engaging muscles that have been inhibited, we get immediate and efficient results.


PEMF therapy increases cellular energy, speeds healing, clears inflammation, increases bone density, and decreases pain. Excellent post surgery, injury, and with autoimmune.

Nutrition & Focused Detoxification

Working with focused detoxification, cleansing, fasting, and dietary changes, Molly understands nutrition from a spiritual, physiological, and holistic perspective to create a plan that works for the individual. In partnership with GLOW, she can craft individualized meal plans and cleanses.

Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy(™)

Using QNRT(™) and Neurotherapy, we treat acute and chronic immune conditions, endocrine system, nervous system, sleep disturbance, anxiety, depression, generational stresses, and unexplained conditions.


We start brain based work with an EEG intake and full neurological evaluation. We then objectively assess the brain patterns, pinpoint unbalanced brain wave activity, and train the brain to decrease stress and increase cognitive performance and efficiency.


Cryoskin is the use of very specific cold temperatures applied to targeted areas and has numerous benefits. Cryoskin is excellent for lymphatic drainage and to encourage the production of collagen and elastin.

Vasper/Live O2

Improve sports recovery, VO2 Max, increase strengthening hormones, decrease cortisol

Infrared Light Therapy

Red and Near-Infrared (NIR) Light Therapy combined helps to increase cellular energy at the level of the mitochondria, can boost the immune system, support thyroid health, and improve hair growth and the appearance of the skin among numerous other benefits.

Discover a deeper way to heal

Experience the power of brain-based therapies and start your journey towards optimal health today